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  1. What is an Inverter ?

    An INVERTER is a device or a system that delivers AC power when energized from a source of DC power e.g. lead acid battery. It operates when an interruption in main power supply is there. Then it draws DC current from battery, converts it into AC current with almost the same voltage and frequency as that of the original main power supply. However, the complete system consists of an inverter, charger and battery/batteries. It stores power by converting AC (when main supply is available) to DC and storing the same in battery/batteries and vice-versa taking DC power from battery/batteries (when main supply is not available) and inverting it into AC which runs the connected points as if the main supply is there.

  2. What is "VA" ?

    VA is a unit of apparent power in an AC circuit containing capacitive or inductive reactance. Apparent power is the product of source voltage and current. This term should not be confused with the term WATT.

  3. What is WATT ?

    Unit of electrical power required to do work at the rate of one joule per second. One watt of power is expended when one ampere of direct current flows through a resistance of one ohm. In an AC circuit, true power is the product of effective volts and effective amperes, multiplied by the power factor. Normally, power factor is 0.8. In order to change to watt, multiply by 0.8. For example, 500VA Inverter is actually of 400 watts. However, to determine the actual capacity, the efficiency of the system also has to be taken in account.

  4. What is DIGITAL ?

    DIGITAL: Relating to devices or circuits that have outputs of only two discrete levels. Examples: 0 or 1, high or low, on or off, true or false etc. Level of accuracy of these circuits is almost 100%. Therefore this technology is more reliable. Almost all STYLEX products have digital technology embedded in them giving the best that the latest advancements in microprocessor technology can offer.

  5. What is PWM based MOSFET technology ?

    MOSFET: Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor
    MOSFET: Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor MOSFET is a field effect transistor in which the insulating layer between the gate electrode and the channel is a metal oxide layer. PWM: Pulse Width Modulation The output voltage of an inverter is controlled by PWM controls which decrease or increase the voltage as per the varying conditions of the DC voltage (battery) or changing load conditions of the connected load. This smart voltage management gives a very stable AC output. STYLEX incorporates this latest technology to deliver the best results.

  6. What is starting surge load ?

    High charging current that flows into a power supply filter capacitor as the power is first turned on. Appliances having motors or compressors like refrigerator, fan, coolers, ACs have much more surging load than their continuous ratings. Only this load requirement must be taken into consideration while calculating your load requirement.

  7. What is the right size of inverter for me ?

    You can add all the required appliances’ power requirements to determine your actual inverter capacity. Following table will give you an approximate idea of how much power is consumed by most common appliances.